Stand with Ukraine Update

Hello Eminato Family! 

Here is our latest donation update on our #StandwithUkriane fundraiser, we have collected $800 through our tote bags sales, Colors of Freedom mocktail sales, and some cash donations over the past few months. We have donated to Razom Dignity with Every Drop campaign created to provide Ukrainian defenders with mobile hygiene stations.


We're incredibly grateful for your continued support. If you can contribute more, click here and help make a lasting impact. Let's stand together for Ukraine! 🤝💙

$800 - Razom Dignity With Every Drop Campaign
$400 - Foot/hand warmers and undershirts/pants 
$500 - Facial reconstruction surgery donation
$1,300 - Razom September Medical Mission
$9032 - Revived Soldiers Ukraine 
$1,200 - Support for hospitals in Ukraine

In addition, we spent $2,287 on vital supplies, including medical, tactical, and packing materials. Together, we've delivered over 280 packages of humanitarian aid! 📦❤️

#StandwithUkraine #HumanitarianAid #GratefulForSupport

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