Restaurant Week

Join us for the 6th Annual Hillsborough Restaurant Week and enjoy our exclusive fall specials - Dandelani, Autumn Fusion, and Cardamom Latte. As our special treat, receive a 25% discount on all our seasonal delights for the duration of the event. Elevate your beverage experience at Eminato and celebrate the season with us!

Eminato Fall Specials

Brand new addition to our funky lattes program. Dandelani’s main ingredient is dandelion root extract, mixed with roasted barley extract, roasted rye extract, roasted chicory root extract, and made into a latte. Together they make up a toasty and roasty coffee-like taste without any caffeine! The drink is gluten free, caffeine free, and delicious!

Autumn Fusion Latte 
Tastes like a day on the apple orchard! The cup consists of delicious dark roast espresso, apple butter sauce, caramel, a pinch of cinnamon, your choice of milk, and a skillful touch of our mixmaster!

Cardamom Latte
Simple, spicy, and warm! House made cardamom syrup, espresso, and frothed milk.